Pitch your idea for taking action to combat climate change and its impacts. What can you do to reduce our carbon footprint? You (or your team) are invited to develop a project that reduces carbon dioxide emissions using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Decarbonization techniques encompass a range of solutions, including alternative fuels, electrification, renewable energy, carbon-offset projects, lifecycle assessment processes, and sustainable work practices.

From accelerating the development of new business models to creating more sustainable products that better serve increasingly environmentally-conscious consumers, reducing your carbon emissions across the chain will ensure your project makes a positive difference.

Solutions for effective decarbonization

There are a range of approaches to getting inspiration for your carbon-reducing project:

  • Carbon removal: Carbon can be actively removed from the atmosphere, either naturally (such as reforestation), or by leveraging technology (like direct air capture).
  • Electrification and renewable energy: GHG emissions can be reduced by increasingly electrifying operations, powered by green energy sources like renewables or hydrogen.
  • Sustainable business practices: Rethink business-wide work practices to reduce waste and improve efficiencies.
  • Indoor environment: Controlling the indoor climate – how can we improve insulation to reduce energy consumption?